Cooking challenges - Mutton / Ram

Personal comments from a small farmer:

Unless you always guess things better than we do, you may find yourselves with adult rams that you should have wethered when they were lambs. Can you use the meat?
We asked around and got very little help. "The meat will be tainted" and "Don't bother if they have worked" (with no acknowledgement of the way rams "work" on each other)! After selling a couple of rams for next to nothing in the local sale yard, we decided to give cooking a try.
Total success! W slow cooks the ram joints in the oven at about 140 degrees C, or in the slow cooker. In the oven, she covers the pan with a lid (or foil if there is no lid), and cooks for about four hours with some stock in the pan. With the slow cooker, she often finishes cooking in the oven for a "roast". Because there are often only two of us, she cuts up the left-overs for pies and curries, and the meat is tender and moist. Any way she cooks it, the taste is great.
Calling all cooks - more comments, please!