Shedding sheep breeds

Damaras are a hardy South African sheep with a broad tail that stores fat - good insurance against hard times.
They are year-round breeders, so you can choose the time of lambing.
They are relatively easy and affordable to source.
Damaras are 'flighty', but usually quiet to handle and easy to fence.
They shed, but sometimes the hair coat is matted and has to be peeled or cut off.
Damaras suit the commercial live export market, because they look similar to middle-eastern sheep.
The meat tastes good, and small numbers can produce year-round lambs for the freezer.
The down side to Damaras:
They may not have a great deal of meat on them.
Breeding out the horns and the blotchy colour isn't easy.
Sale yard prices are often disappointing, except for the live export trade.
If the tail gets too fat in a good season, it can interfere with mating.
The blotchy black, brown and white colours, and the fat tail, can be unattractive to some farmers.
Damara ewe and her Damara x Wilti daughter