Shedding sheep breeds

Other shedding breeds:
Wiltshire Horns, Van Rooys and Damaras are the only long established "pure" cleanskin shedding breeds seen widely in Australia, although a few Persians and Katahdins have been used.
Internationally, there are other pure 'Hair Sheep' breeds that shed their wool, either fully or partly. An Internet search will show interesting pictures of breeds found overseas, some of them difficult to recognise as sheep!
Dorpers were developed in South Africa in the 1930s as a composite from Persian and Dorset Horn ancestors, and introduced into Australia in the 1990s.
WiltiPolls have some genes from whichever polled breed was used as the ancestor in the breed-to-poll process. An unusual exception is the Poll Wiltshire, developed recently from a horn gene mutation in a Wiltshire Horn ram.
New composite cleanskin breeds continue to be developed and named by their breeders. Most have their own breeding rules, usually based on the breeder's original flock type. You may need to source all sheep from them, particularly if your original sheep are from a different breed. New breeds include Wiltidams, Australian Meat Masters, Dampers, Australian White, Easycare (an English composite), Coolalee, and BreedersBest. They all have Internet websites that you can check for more information.

Most of the shedding breeds are represented at the Cleanskin Sheep Symposium, presented at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds every year or two. The Cleanskin Sheep Symposium, and its website, also provides state-of-the-art information about a wide range of issues in breeding Cleanskins.
Wilti x Van Rooy ram lambs