Shedding sheep breeds

Van Rooys:
They are a hardy South African cleanskin sheep, and do particularly well in hot conditions.
Van Rooys have no wool at all, only the hair which grows under the wool in most breeds. This gives them an attractive silvery coat.
They are used for "breeding out the wool" in other breeds (eg Dorpers in Queensland), and their genes are in many of the composite crosses.
Van Rooys are year-round breeders, so you can choose the time of lambing.
They are good mothers, and good milkers. Their lambs do well.
They are quiet to handle and easy to fence.
Small numbers can provide year-round lambs for the freezer
The down side to Van Rooys:
The appearance of purebred VanRooys is quite odd by Australian standards - a pillow of fat on their backside above a tiny tail, a sway back, and a neck 'wattle' like a turkey.
They aren't the best meat sheep, as this requires quick growth to a profitable slaughter shape and weight.
They may be hard to source, particularly outside Queensland.
Van Rooy x Wilti ewe lamb